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Test Restore 30 Capsules by Revange (Core Labs)

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Test Restore 30 Capsules

Brand Revange (Core Labs)

Content 30 capsules

39.90 Fr.

Revange Nutrition Test Restore - Extremely Powerful Testosterone Booster!

Test Restore by Revange Nutrition is an all-in-one testosterone booster that helps you build quality muscle, increase strength, and promote fat loss at the same time.

Revange Nutrition Test Restore, product highlights:

  • Increase of free, active testosterone
  • Reduces SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)
  • Lowers estrogen levels to normal
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Benefits HGH production
  • Rejuvenating
  • Better hardness and muscle density
  • No side effects as of anabolic steroids from the group PH / SAA / SARM

Revange Nutrition Test Restore is suitable:

  • To increase the libido
  • To increase the testosterone level
  • For PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)
  • For a natural anabolic cycle

1 capsule Revange Nutrition Test Restore, 1-3 x daily

Supplement Facts

Revange Test Restore - Supplement Facts

This product can be bought 3 times per month.

Single products where the order quantity is limited, are not admitted to trade in Switzerland.

However, these supplements can be ordered by private individuals for personal use and therefore legally imported. The CH- legislator has a monthly demand for “personal use”, or in case the content of the package exceeds the monthly demand, it is defined by the smallest possible packaging size. 

The monthly demand can be calculated according to the specific recommended dietary intake based on the suggested daily maximum intake x 30.

Some of our products are being shipped from the EU. They are freely marketable in the USA as well as the EU in accordance with their applicable regulations. 
There are no additional costs for you, neither custom fees nor any value-added tax. It's all inculed in the product price and paid by us, before your parcel is shipped.

Fitnessfood® carries exclusively sports nutrition/dietary supplements from renowned US and EU manufacturers.
All certified manufacturers undergo constant checks through local authorities in their countries, e.g. The FDA periodically checks manufactures in the US and the same happens through authorities in the EU. All products are permitted and freely marketable.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email (

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Product rating: 5

Title: Wirklich top!
Wichtig dabei, täglich nehmen. Grössere Personen (ich bin 1.87) mehr als 1.2-3 ist ideal. Muskelwachstum ist spürbar besser. Wichtig korrekt trainieren, d.h. wöchentlich und strukturiert nach Plan. Übungen wechseln, nicht immer gleich trainieren.

Product rating: 5

Title: top
top Produkt. Nur schade, dass es hier nur die kleine Packung a 30 Stück gibt und nicht wie üblich bei dem Produkt 60 Stück.

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