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Tips fat reduction

Successful Weight Loss

Now is the time to ask yourself how to get rid of the gained fat over a long period of time. Some have been struggling with their weight for a long time and for them it is important to reduce their body fat. However, some advertisements suggest: "With these pills or tablets you will easily loose many kilos," unfortunately we have to tell you that it does not work that way. Without working hard and changing something in your life, which surely requires great effort, you will not be successful.

The products under the section „Fatburner“ cannot achieve your goals alone, but will effectively support your efforts.

According to the latest scientific findings, intensive training, which builds muscle, is one of the most important prerequisites for successful fat burning. This training not only consumes calories that are mainly stored in fat cells, but also helps you build new muscles, which is the key to successful weight loss.

Muscles have the ability to burn calories even when they are resting, which means that you burn calories for several hours after training. The body is only able to use fat cells for the after burning effect when a proper diet is maintained and no additional calories are consumed. This leads us to the next important topic: How can I change to a healthy and effective diet? The diet always varies for every individual and cannot be generalized. The most important thing to figure out is how much your daily calorie/energy consumption is. In order to determine this, you can click on the button "energy consumption" on our website.

Once you know your calorie consumption, it is important to understand that a calorie deficit is another prerequisite for fat loss. You can eat what you like, but the goal should be to consume 200 to 300 calories less than you normally would need in a day.

A calorie deficit (negative energy balance) can be achieved by:

  • Reduction of calorie intake (less food)
  • Increase in energy consumption (increased physical activity, sports, etc.)
  • Increase of body mass to be supplied with energy (muscle build-up)
  • Supplementation of stimulants, which increase the metabolic rate (Stack II, Tight, etc.)
  • Supplementation of nutrients that promote the transport of fats and the production of energy from the body's own resources (L-carnitine, lecithin, essential fatty acids, etc.) 

A combination of the above mentioned possibilities makes sense and is efficient!

ATTENTION: Too much deficit damages more than it benefits, because an excessive deficit will reduce muscle mass to get enough energy for the body. You will risk experiencing the yo-yo effect, as is the case with most radical diets.

During this phase, it is crucial that you provide your body with sufficient nutrients such as vitamins and minerals - which also serve as a prevention of deficiency symptoms. The products that are helpful in this scenario can be found under the Vitamins & Minerals section in our shop.

Once you are past this stage, you can use our products in the "Fatburner" section or in our shop (Fatblocker, L-Carnitine, Fatburner, CLA etc.) to help your fat reduction.

Especially recommended is the fat loss combination "Slim & Healthy", which you will also find in the section „Multi-Pack Offers“.

You can find more articles about this topic in our Magazine.

Enjoy your fat loss!