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100% Whey Protein 2250 g

100% Whey Protein 2250 g

90% of 100
100% Whey Protein is an instant protein product consisting of 3 types of Whey protein: isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzed Whey isolate.

100% Whey Protein (Whey 2 Go) is an instant protein product consisting of 3 types of Whey protein: isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzed Whey isolate. The isolate and concentrate are specially filtered Whey proteins, which have been produced using intensive filtration techniques. The hydrolyzed Whey Isolate is metabolized, under the influence of enzymes, to short chain Whey peptides that are picked up and absorbed quickly and easily by your muscles. By combining these different, ultra high quality protein sources, 100% Whey Protein delivers a proprietary designed chronological release of protein that reaches bioavailability at crucial points of muscle absorption (T/R effect). 100% Whey Protein is the ideal protein mix to build and repair lean muscle tissue after an intensive workout.


  • 3 Sources of Whey Protein, with a time released effect
  • The best Whey protein combination for muscle repair and building up muscle
  • Best priced Product, for every sport or athlete



For athletes:
Take immediately after exercise and before bed measuring 2 heaped scoops (25g) 100% Whey Protein in water, milk or yogurt stirred themselves. As muscles grow on non-training days, it is very important that the revenue was even on days without training.

To remove:
Take in the morning and evening before meals 2 heaping scoops (approx. 25g) 100% Whey Protein in water, milk (preferably soy milk) or yogurt stirred themselves. 100% Whey Protein is very filling and can be used well as a meal replacement.

How to prepare 100% Whey Protein?
100% Whey Protein can be either in milk, fruit juice, yogurt or stir in water. It dissolves extremely quickly, with no lumps and it tastes nice and light. Ideal for a snack in between (eg as part of a diet)!
100% Whey Protein is perhaps not the cheapest animal protein concentrate on the market. But we are convinced that it is the best! Forget cheap competing products, which consist of plain milk, egg, or soy protein and a short-term effect. Convince yourself of the effect of unmatched Time Released 100% Whey Protein.


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