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Weight gain - build symmetrical, fat-free muscle mass

Der Muskel-Masseaufbau eines Sportlers

The goal is to preferably build symmetrical fat-free muscle mass.

This is a continuous, constant and difficult way, which is based on three cornerstones – diet, exercise and recovery – depending and based on individual genetics.

These three fundamentals should be well integrated and actively embraced in your daily life. It takes a lot of patience, determination and discipline.

Diet plays an important role especially.
The proper intake of protein is essential aside from a well-balanced, basic diet.
Between 2.0-2.5g of protein per kg of body weight are found as a foundation daily.
Depending on personal conditions, level of performance and objectives, the protein intake can be further adjusted.

Suitable protein suppliers are:

  • Quarter-fat cheese 30-37% protein
  • Lean meat, fish 18-22% protein
  • Low-fat curd, cottage cheese 12-14% protein
  • Eggs 13% protein
  • Milk, buttermilk, yoghurt 3-4% protein
  • Tofu 14-18% protein
  • Cooked legumes 8-10% protein
  • Bread 5-10% protein
  • Cooked pasta 4-6% protein
  • Rice, grains, cooked corn 2-4% protein
  • Potatoes 2% protein

Suitable carbohydrates:

  • Oatmeal, cereal 60-70% carbohydrates
  • Bread 40-50% carbohydrates
  • Cooked pasta 25-30% carbohydrates
  • Cooked rice 25% carbohydrates
  • Cooked Corn (Polenta) 20% carbohydrates
  • Potatoes 15% carbohydrates
  • Fruits 2-10% carbohydrates
  • Vegetables, salad 1-5% carbohydrates
  • Milk, yoghurt, kefir 5% carbohydrates


Der Muskel-Masseaufbau eines Sportlers. Jetzt informieren!

The right supplementation is based on these aspects and should be focused.
These are beneficial for the implied process.

Established foundations:

  • Protein structures (Whey protein, Casein protein, egg protein, soy protein)
  • Amino acids (BCAA, Glutamine, Leucin)
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Vital substances
  • Fatty acids
  • Pre-workout supplements

A few workout principles e.g. a Split:

  • For big muscle groups max. 12 sets
  • For small muscle groups max. 6 sets
  • Workout duration max. approx. 50 minutes per workout
  • Max. 20-30 sets per session
  • Only two consecutive workout days, then minimum 1 day break
  • Do 6-12 repetitions during hypertrophy. “Time under Tension” (TUT) is important
  • Vary with cadences: 2-1-2. 4-2-4, 1-0-3…
  • 90-120 sec. break between sets (individual)
  • Work with intensity techniques (at advanced stages)


The weight used during the workout is not the decisive factor, but the set stimulus and the intensity of the particular exercise.

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