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Athlete Protein Requirements


Der Proteinbedarf eines Sportlers

There are different versions, theories and opinions about this topic.

The non-athlete needs at least 0,8g protein per kg bodyweight per day to maintain their physical stamina. However, this amount is very low for the growth and maintenance of additional muscle mass.

The human being’s need for protein depends on their age and particular workload.

Recommendations for power athletes reach from 1,5g to 3g per kg bodyweight.
A good average is defined with 2 to 2,5g per kg bodyweight.

There are no known negative effects of excessive protein intake with sufficient amounts of fluid on a healthy basis.

10g protein are contained in the following:

  • 40g Appenzeller cheese, full-fat
  • 40g Almonds
  • 50 g Ground beef
  • 55 g Dried chickpea
  • 1½ Eggs
  • 100 g Graham bread

Many protein structures are supplemented additionally such as :