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Super slow training is a form of intensity-technique

Superslow Trainingstipps von Fitnessfood® Schweiz

Intensity techniques are designed to intensify the training and is applied to athletes who already have been training correctly.

The growth of muscle fibers can be optimized through Super slow. Less accelerations and decelerations, turning points and higher concentration on the targeted muscle lead to an intensified training. During Super slow, the number of repetitions is lowered and the speed of movement is slowed down .

The speed of movement (cadence) in Super slow training is for example: 10 s (contraction of the muscle, positive movement)- 1 s (turning point) – 4 s (negative movement, muscles stretches).
The extension of the positive phase lasts one Super slow repetition, which is 15 seconds.
Super slow training creates constant tension in certain areas and therefore results in less repetitions, each for 15 seconds (only 4-6 repetitions in the example of 60-90 seconds for 1 set). Due to the increased intensity of the Super slow method (increased energy metabolism, neuromuscular control, targeted isolation of the exercised muscle, enhanced tonic recruitment), a resistance has to be chosen that Is located 10 to 20 percent deeper than in other methods.  If you reach 6 repetitions with the current weight in the last set, the weight has to be increased. Ideal numbers of repetitions for Super slow: 10/8/6/4 +/- 1-2 Reps, it is also recommended to reduce the number of exercises per training session. 

Target group
This method of training works well for all that want to gain strength and muscle mass. Those who normally like to exercise fast and briefly can particularly benefit from this method of training.
Reasonable duration of the training period: 2 to 3 months max.


Beside the basic protein structures (Whey, casein, egg, soy), Amino acids, (BCAA’s, Glutamine, Leucine), creatine monohydrate, vital substances, fatty acids, pre-workout supplements place another focus on the recovery with the additional taking of specific carbohydrates..