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Ashes 388 g

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ASHES - If you’re comfortable with post-apocalyptic themes, the Hazard Core range is sure to appeal to you.

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ASHES - If you’re comfortable with post-apocalyptic themes, the Hazard Core range is sure to appeal to you.

After all, surviving in such harsh conditions requires excellent preparation. Fortunately, with Ashes pre-workout, you can prepare your muscles for a real battle for survival!

The unique environment is not the only characteristic of Ashes pre-trainer. This product has been developed by combining four individual complexes. Each of them contains several or more carefully selected substances, which will help you achieve even better results!

Nitric Oxide System

Nitric oxide is a crucial ally for all people who want to feel an intense muscle pump. That’s why the first complex contained in the Ashes pre-trainer is designed to boost nitric oxide synthesis and increase the intensity of the pump.

Cell Volumizing ATP Complex

Without ATP, i.e. energy produced by the body’s cells, we would not live or perform everyday activities. Therefore, the ATP synthesis in all athletes should be as practical as possible. Now you can take care of this with a unique complex supporting ATP synthesis.

Neuro Energized Stimulant Ignition System

Extremely heavy training can have a negative effect on your cognitive abilities. This is not surprising, as an overtired body needs time to recover. That’s why the company Hazard Core has also created a complex that supports the body’s cognitive functions.

Electrolyte Vita Support Mix

The last complex contained in Ashes pre-workout was created by combining electrolytes and vitamins.

Supplement Facts

Hazard Core ASHES - Revange (Core Labs)

Koffeingehalt pro Einnahme (2 Scoops): 200 mg

It is recommended to adjust the dosage according to individual body tolerance. Therefore, beginners should use one scoop (approximately 7.75 g), while advanced athletes should use two scoops (about 15.5 g). This dose should be taken approx 15 minutes before the planned start of training.
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