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Lose weight quickly

Lose weight quickly: everything you need to know

Losing weight quickly is not that easy, even if most diets promise rapid weight loss. We'll show you how you can really lose weight successfully without having to starve!

Low carb, ketogenic, low-fat or paleo: there are many ways to lose weight long term. Unfortunately, most diets do not really fill you up, which is why we sooner or later eat (mostly) a sweet snack to suppress the burgeoning hunger. The fact is: if you want to lose weight quickly, you cannot avoid a healthy, calorie-reduced diet and exercise. Even if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, much patience and discipline are required during and after the diet to avoid frustration and failure.

Why losing weight quickly is often a problem

If you want to lose weight rapidly, you want to do it as quickly as possible. It does work with a diet and a lot of exercise, but after the yo-yo effect can strike back just as quickly again. Why? Because many people only change their eating habits in the short run and let exercise fall by the wayside.

Others stop their diet prematurely because on the one hand they have to deprive themselves of many things and on the other hand suffer from constant cravings. We will now tell you why losing weight often leads to a dead-end and which problems can arise during dieting.

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Problem 1: Losing weight often starts with the wrong intent

"I want to lose ten kilograms in five days or at least lose one kilogram every day" are not just advertising promises, but also is often a wrong approach. Most of the time the plan is doomed to fail. Because: you can not lose weight quickly. And certainly not every day.

The reason that you can lose weight fairly quickly at the beginning of a diet is since the body mainly loses a lot of water. Understandably, you're happy about it - especially when the scale shows a few grams less every day. However, the rapid weight loss seems to stagnate at some point.

Continuous fat reduction is only possible if you go into a calorie deficit every day and therefore burn more calories than you consume. Since a kilogram of fat can be compared to around 7,000 calories stored, you would have to burn the same amount of calories every day to lose a kilogram of fat. It goes without saying that you cannot cut this huge amount of calories every day.

Problem 2: fluctuating weight due to water and muscle breakdown

If you want to lose weight quickly, you will probably step on the scale every day to see if you have lost weight. Before you lose fat, however, the body eliminates more water, which is initially noticeable on the scale.

As soon as the supply of nutrients is not right, the body tends to lose muscle because of insufficient supply to gain energy in the form of carbohydrates from the body's protein. The feeling that you have lost weight at one point or another is therefore not due to fat loss, but to muscle loss.

This phenomenon can usually be seen in a so-called crash diet if the amount of food is reduced significantly without paying attention to the distribution of nutrients. The protein intake is often neglected in most diets.

However, this has one disadvantage: if the nutrients are lacking, the body switches to survival mode by using the body's carbohydrate stores (glycogen stores) in the liver to gain energy. Since the glycogen is bound to water, you also eliminate more water when you break down the carbohydrates.

When the carbohydrate stores are empty, the body has to look for another source of energy by breaking down the muscles' own proteins and converting them into carbohydrates. The apparent weight reduction is caused by an increased elimination of water and a continuous breakdown of muscles.

As soon as you add carbohydrates again, they can bind enough water again. This effect is then noticeable through weight gain.

Problem 3: reduction in mental and physical performance

Losing weight quickly can be pure stress for the body. Especially if you want to consume as few calories as possible so that you can lose weight as quickly as possible.

As you already know, radical diets do nothing. Add to that the fact that during a crash diet you feel tired, exhausted, lethargic, and unfocused. Therefore, there is a big risk that sooner or later you will reach for something sweet to satisfy your cravings.

Problem 4: the dreaded yo-yo effect

The yo-yo effect is a constant companion during a diet, which often leads to unsatisfactory results and weight gain. Most of the time, we make the mistake of eating as much after the diet as before, even though the body no longer needs as many calories because of the weight loss.

The result is that you are consuming more calories than you can burn and therefore inevitably gain again. As you can see, the yo-yo effect is a completely normal phenomenon that is caused by wrong eating habits.

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Lose weight quickly: this is how you do it right!

Losing weight quickly is associated with a large calorie deficit, which you can increase through exercise. There are a few things you should consider when losing weight so that the diet brings the desired success.

Lose weight without counting calories

Instead of wanting to lose weight as quickly as possible with a crash diet, you should lose weight in a more controlled manner. For example, by consuming between 300 and 500 fewer calories each day than you burn, you will be able to lose significantly more weight than with a starvation diet.

However, to achieve this goal you need to know your total consumption. Only if you know how many calories you eat every day will you be able to save calories and lose weight quickly.

Lose weight by changing your eating habits

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should maintain your eating habits even after the diet to avoid falling into the yo-yo trap again. Eating a calorie-reduced and healthy diet while dieting and then falling back into old patterns will destroy the entire weight loss success.

Remember: once you have internalized the new eating habits and integrated them firmly into your everyday life, the diet will not feel like a diet. The following questions can help you change your eating habits:

  • How do you eat and what foods make up your eating plan?
  • Do you snack often? If so, which snacks do you go to?
  • What is the ratio between fast food and fresh food?
  • Do you eat chocolate and sweets a lot? When and why?

If you know your eating habits and your weaknesses, you can think about how you can make your eating plan healthier and more balanced. This works by

  • preparing your food for the day so that you don't have to grab ready-made products or fast food,
  • eating healthy snacks (e.g. fruit and nuts),
  • not having chocolate and sweets in the house,
  • eating more fresh foods that meet your nutritional needs.

Lose weight quickly through sports and exercise

Lose weight quicklyA calorie deficit will be easier to achieve if you exercise a lot. If you don't do sports or exercise, you save energy, which in turn results in a low-calorie burn.

A carbohydrate-reduced diet is ideal in combination with participating in sports and exercising. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates, your body attacks the glycogen stores to ensure the energy supply. As soon as these stores are empty, it uses the body's fat reserves as an alternative source of energy by converting the fat into carbohydrates (ketones). With the help of exercising this point is reached much sooner than without.

Since the body needs more oxygen than carbohydrates to burn fat, endurance sports (jogging and cycling), which are carried out at a low to medium intensity and a workout duration of at least 45 minutes, are ideal.

The greater the intensity, the shorter the training session should be. With high-intensity interval training (HIIT), for example, you really exert yourself. Here you drive your pulse up in several intervals with a length of 15 to 60 seconds. The maximum heart rate for this training method is 80 to 90 percent, while it is between 50 and 60 percent during active breaks.

In contrast to endurance training, HIIT training only takes about 10 to 20 minutes due to its high intensity. However, you should not permanently integrate this training method into your workout plan because the risk of overtraining is very high.

Dietary supplements can make losing weight easier

As you can see, exercise and a healthy, low-calorie diet are essential for losing weight quickly. Fresh, low-carbohydrate and untreated foods if possible, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, beef, low-fat fish, legumes, vegetable oils (linseed, olive and hemp oil), seeds, nuts, grains (rice, oatmeal, millet) and pseudocereals (quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat) are ideal for losing weight.

Besides, the additional intake of a high-quality whey protein powder can be useful to cover the daily need for protein. After all, proteins fill you up for a long time and supply your muscles with valuable amino acids that support muscle building and protect your muscles from nutritional breakdown. Due to the large number of ingredients, protein shakes can also serve as a meal replacement.

By the way: if you want to boost your metabolism and accelerate fat burning, you can also use caffeine, green tea extract or L-carnitine.

10 tips to lose weight rapidly: quick recap

  1. Reduce calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories a day.
  2. Move around and exercise.
  3. Eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels constant.
  4. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates to speed up fat burning.
  5. Whole grain products are better than white flour products.
  6. Avoid alcohol and sweets.
  7. Increase the amount of protein in your diet.
  8. Eat lots of vegetables and salads to ensure the nutrient supply. Smoothies are a good nutritional snack.
  9. Pay attention to your hydration. Two to three liters in the form of water and herbal teas are ideal.
  10. Eat more legumes. They contain a lot of protein and fiber that will fill you up for a long time.


Losing weight quickly does not happen overnight. If you want to lose weight quickly, take your time instead of trying out a crash diet and putting unnecessary stress on the body. Exercise and a low-calorie diet are essential for any diet to increase calorie burn and support weight loss.