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Happy Bee 60 Capsules by Revange (Core Labs)

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Happy Bee 60 Capsules

Brand Revange (Core Labs)

Content 60 capsules

54.90 Fr.


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This new Revange Supplement convinces with high-quality ingredients for a good mood andgood health.

Happy Bee introduces a completely new mood enhancer with DMHA and Noopept!

Happy Bee by Revange is an anti-stress formula and also a strong mood enhancer for everyday, when the days were once again too long or the learning phases for the university were too extensive. Revange is a renowned manufacturer and has already caused quite attention with other No. 1 products, such as the strong fat burners Miami Lean and Rio Lean. Do you feel drained, can't focus, or quickly susceptible to stress? Then Happy Bee is just the right thing for you!

Happy Bee Mood Enhancer contains a number of interesting active ingredients, some of which are already known from brainboosters and hardcore training booster.

Matrix included:

  • Core Well-Being System: Composed of many ingredients such as Ashwagandha, 5-HTP and Rhodiola Rosea, this matrix provides a strong push for mood.
  • Cogni-Tropic System: Strong Brainbooster agents such as the Noopept, which increase the focusing performance enormously. Perfect also for every learning phase!
  • Pure Energy Ignition System: Consisting of DMHA, Hordenine HCL and other strong stimulants, this matrix boosts energy a lot!
  • Turbo Bio-Availability and Drug Delivery System: Transport matrix to absorb active ingredients quickly and optimally.

These ingredients have been revolutionized by the new Revange Life Series in a single formula. It can also be taken as a Pre-Workout booster because of it’s strong stimulants.

Take 1-2 capsules Happy Bee on empty stomach with a glass of water or fresh juice. After 10min please follow with consumption of high complex-carbohydrate meal for sustained release of energy. Do not take more than 2 capsules a day.

Supplement Facts

Revange Core Labs Happy Bee - Supplement Facts

This product can be bought 2 times per month.

Single products where the order quantity is limited, are not admitted to trade in Switzerland.

However, these supplements can be ordered by private individuals for personal use and therefore legally imported. The CH- legislator has a monthly demand for “personal use”, or in case the content of the package exceeds the monthly demand, it is defined by the smallest possible packaging size. 

The monthly demand can be calculated according to the specific recommended dietary intake based on the suggested daily maximum intake x 30.

Some of our products are being shipped from the EU. They are freely marketable in the USA as well as the EU in accordance with their applicable regulations. 
There are no additional costs for you, neither custom fees nor any value-added tax. It's all inculed in the product price and paid by us, before your parcel is shipped.

Fitnessfood® carries exclusively sports nutrition/dietary supplements from renowned US and EU manufacturers.
All certified manufacturers undergo constant checks through local authorities in their countries, e.g. The FDA periodically checks manufactures in the US and the same happens through authorities in the EU. All products are permitted and freely marketable.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email (

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Product rating: 4

Title: Gute Wirkung
Für das Training gibt es bessere alternativen.
1. Miami Lean
2. Rio Lean
3. Termal Pro
Alle drei vom selben Hersteller.
Alle drei produkte sind zusätzlich noch günstiger, bessere/stärkere Wirkung und weniger übel gefühle.
Trozdem kein schlechtes Produkt.

Product rating: 4

Title: Beschreibung passt nicht zum Produkt
Also von der Wirkung ist es eher wie ein US Hardcoore- Booster. Auch gut zum Party machen.

2 Review(s)

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