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Jungle Essence 15 Capsules

Jungle Essence 15 Capsules

77% of 100
Jungle Essence by Revange is a natural essence for a perfect wellbeing.

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Jungle Essence by Revange is a natural essence for a perfect wellbeing.

  • retention
  • energy
  • motivation
  • focus & concentration
  • No unwanted side effects

All these benefits and more given you by just 1 product - Jungle Essence by Revange!

  • an endorphin wave of bliss for positive energy
  • a serotonin beat of joy and peace
  • Dopamine motivation, satisfaction and euphoria
  • Norepinephrine stimulation
  • perfect memory and concentration

The ingredients of Revange Jungle Essence will raise the level of your mental capacity to unprecedented levels. You will feel that your mind is bright and clear and your memory and concentration are perfect. You will learn and work well - whether physically or mentally!

Essence of bioavailability and potency

The essence of bioavailability and potency, namely: cinnamon extract, grape seed extract, naringin, vitamin E TPGS and piperine. These ingredients cause a slower breakdown of the remaining ingredients and a longer Jungle Power (up to 6 hours)! In addition, they improve the performance of other Jungle Power components. This composition maximizes the assimilation of all ingredients (including each other). Nothing is wasted! Your body will be able to use every milligram of every substance in every Jungle Essence capsule!

Take 3-7 capsules Jungle Essence before breakfast with a cup of cofee, tea, juice or water, and 1 spoon of virgin olive oil.

Supplement Facts

Revange Jungle Essence 15 Kapseln - Supplement Facts

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