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Animal M-Stak 21 Packs

Animal M-Stak 21 Packs

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Without a doubt, some of the best, most potent anabolic underground “supplements” have originated in Eastern Europe.

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Without a doubt, some of the best, most potent anabolic underground “supplements” have originated in Eastern Europe.

Prohormones like androstenedione, for example, were used twenty years ago by East German Olympic-caliber athletes to increase strength and performance. Tribulus, another ergogenic, was first used by Bulgarian powerlifters to shatter world-records. The next biggest secret may have come out of Holland. After five years of research and development at our European labs, Animal M•Stak was born.

Animal M•Stak prototypes were first tested by elite bodybuilders and strength athletes. The results were sudden and quite amazing. Powerlifters were able to move heavier weight. Bodybuilders found it easier to pack on quality muscle. Mr. Universe and Mr. Europe, Giovanny Thompson, had this to say: “I love the Animal M•Stak. It’s the most powerful muscle-building supplement I have ever used.” Today, Animal M•Stak, as it has been called by bodybuilders, is available in the United States. Animal M•Stak rounds out the Animal line with a natural anabolic pak. M•Stak is a highly anabolic supplement based on paks designed for world-class strength athletes. It relies on an exclusive dual testosterone/growth hormone boosting formula only found in supplements with the Animal name. It contains effective DHT and estrogen blockers to maximize gains.

Animal M•Stak affects biochemical mechanisms which promote anabolism: enhanced nitrogen retention, nutrition-partitioning, improved insulin function, increased protein synthesis, and reduced protein catabolism. Each of these mechanisms work together in Animal M•Stak to promote your body’s overall anabolic drive. And because Animal M•Stak can accomplish these goals without steroidal substrates such as andro or 19-nor, Animal M•Stak is perfectly suited for lifetime natural bodybuilders and powerlifters, as well as drug-tested athletes.

Take one pack every day for 21 consecutive days. On training days, take pack 45 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, take pack in the morning or early afternoon.

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