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Super Hi Pro 128 5000 g

Super Hi Pro 128 5000 g

from Powerstar
95% of 100

Biological value = 128 Constantly refined and optimized in the recipe to SUPER HI PRO has over 10 years worth in various fields. Many newcomers, top athletes and users in the rehabilitation area are among the convinced SUPER HI PRO users.

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Biological value = 128 Constantly refined and optimized in the recipe to SUPER HI PRO has over 10 years worth in various fields.

Many newcomers, top athletes and users in the rehabilitation area are among the convinced SUPER HI PRO users.

The specific protein concentrate with synergie concept

SUPER HI PRO 128 to compensate for deficiencies of protein, especially for athletes. It is one of the world's best protein concentrates and a prime example of the efficiency of POWERSTAR® products. The POWERSTAR FOOD NUTRIENTS-Synergy ® developed and NUTRIENTS-CONCEPT-CONCEPT TERMS are based on the composition of this unique, top-protein.

The protein quality

The protein matrix in SUPER HI PRO 128 was about 10 years continuously developed and improved and is now with the innovative protein formula Protecor ® patent pending. Protecor ® consists essentially of a precise mixture of whey protein and other important protein fractions such as Milk protein (casein, globulins, lactoferrin, alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin), lupine protein and wheat protein. Protecor ® achieved a biological value (BV) of 128 achieved in the amino acid profile per 100g Protecor ® peak in the important essential BCAA from over 20% and 23% even on the most important amino acid L-glutamine. SUPER HI PRO 128 time is taken up by your body released so that you will be supplied evenly over several hours with the highest quality muscle building blocks. In the application that is ideal to get through the day or overnight use.

The biological availability

What is the best protein, if it does not work, or only part of it, comes to the scene - in their trillions of cells?

This so-called bioavailability, especially by some of POWERSTAR ® designed synergy groups accelerated and increased. Then one achieved by the addition of T-MAX ® and InsulAct ® best possible and most rapid transport of high quality building materials in the body cells. The B-complex Plus ensures better assimilation of Protecor ® in amino acids.
In SUPER HI PRO 128 is the first time, developed by POWERSTAR® and patent-pending Super-Nutrient Optimizer Aktimun ® is used. Aktimun ® lays the cornerstone for enhancing the bioavailability of the SUPER HI PRO 128 contained in building materials. Aktimun ® is exactly at the base of the digestive system by revitalizing the positive flora as a basis for optimal digestion and absorption.


How to read an ingredient list?

In order to distinguish the variety of proteins on the market, the list of ingredients is an important indicator of product quality. All nutrients must be listed in descending order according to your quantity contained. That is, most of which is included in the product, is paramount. Many products are advertised with specific proteins, which then only from the fourth or 5 Body surface.
Their intention is to enhance the product promotional material particular, the contained quantity is probably so low that it has no meaning in the product. We know ingredient lists, which advertised extensively hydrolysates were recovered even after the aroma. SUPER HI PRO128 in combination with resistance training promotes the development of muscle mass as very few other proteins.

Benefits of Super High Pro 128

  • Protecor ®, a unique patent-pending protein matrix
  • with 84% dry matter Protein content
  • Time-released, supply of proteins for hours, day and night.

High biological value of 128

Aktimun ®, patent-pending nutrient optimizer, forms the basis for an effective bio-availability of all nutrients supplied by revitalization of the intestinal flora (pro-, prebiotic effect)
T-MAX ® as a thermogenic Resorptionsbooster optimizes the uptake of all nutrients.
InsulAct ® increases the efficiency of transport in the muscle cells.
B-Complex Plus increases the bioavailability of proteins and amino acids.
High-quality amino acid pool with over 20% BCAA and more than 23% L-glutamine.
The higher vitamin content has been adapted to the increased vitamin needs of athletes.
Less sweetener content, possibly to avoid incompatibilities.

SUPER HI PRO 128 is a very good taste, very soluble and therefore easily digestible.

Best Price / Performance

Aktimun ® is our unique, patent-pending nutrient optimizer for increased bioavailability of nutrients. Aktimun ® is implemented uniformly in the intestine and promotes the ideal prebiotic the microbial balance in the intestine, promoting digestion, immune and support in dealing with your general health.

Supplement Facts

Super Hi Pro 128 von Powerstar - Supplement Facts

Zutaten: Proteinmischung (ProteCore®) 92 % = Wheyprotein (Molkeneiweiß)* und mizellares Kasein ((Milcheiweiß)*, Globuline, Lactoferrin, Alpha-Lactalbumin, Beta-Lactoglobulin) sowie Weizenprotein und Lupinenprotein; Magermilchpulver*, Kakao (bei Geschmacksrichtungen Schoko, Schoko-Nuss, Cappuccino, Stracciatella), Kaffeepulver (bei GR Cappuccino), färbendes Lebensmittel Rote Bete Pulver (bei GR Erdbeer, Himbeer-Sahne, Kirsch-Joghurt, Kirsch-Banane, Erdbeer-Vanille), Inulin, L-Glutamin, Taurin, kaltgepresste teilfermentierte Weizenkeime, Vitaminmischung (Vitamin C 0,12 %, Nicotinamid 0,036 %, Vitamin E 0,02 %, Calcium-D-pantothenat 0,012 %, Vitamin B6 0,004 %, Vitamin B2 0,0032 %, Vitamin B1 0,0028%, Folsäure 0,00033 %, Biotin 0,00015 %, Vitamin B12 0,000002 %), Soja Lecithin, Inositol 0,13 %, Aromen (alle GR außer Natur), Säuerungsmittel Zitronensäure (alle GR. außer Natur), Zinksulfat 0,022 %, Gewürzextrakt (T-MAX®), Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Süßungsmittel Saccharin und Cyclamat (außer GR Schoko (dort nur Saccharin) und außer GR Natur (dort keine Süßstoffe)), Chrom(III)-chlorid 0,00011 %.

*:Ein aus Milch gewonnenes Erzeugnis, das Laktose enthält


As required 1-4 times daily 30g (1 level measuring spoon = 11.5 g) take in 250 ml of milk (0.3% fat). Each drink you get more than 30 grams of protein with the biological value of 128. SUPER HI PRO 128 is as good soluble that it leads to overdose. More protein your body can not utilize all at once, the taste is designed for this dose and saves money.

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