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Shock Therapy 840 g by Universal Nutrition

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Shock Therapy 840 g

Brand Universal Nutrition

Content 840 g

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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Formula for extreme power, energy and merciless pumps during training.

If you are looking for a pre-workout shake that brings you extreme power for your training and gives you a feeling as you could press anything, then you now you have the right product. The nitric oxide (NO) activators, creatine and stimulants in this product you will be supplied with energy, you can look defined and bring a huge mass construction. 

Shock Therapy ™ will motivate you to the studio to go and press weights! Unlike in many other pre-workout NO products on the market, Universal Nutrition has an integrated anti-oxidant complex. The intake of drugs to stimulate the production of nitric oxide is useful for the oxidative effect on human cells. Now you can use the "perpetual pump" have the superintensive training you've longed for you and still protect your body against free radicals generated as a side effect of the nitric oxide activation process.
Why you should choose you for Universal Nutrition's Shock Therapy ™?
It works!
If you are energetic and motivated to go into the studio, Shock Therapy ™ is the right product. You are ready for extremely intense workouts which allow you to move to higher weights and a resulting extreme mass construction. Your body will feel pumped all day, which is on the optimal blood flow of your muscle tissue and the associated better nutrient supply of the muscles.
Since Universal does not use sugar as an ingredient, you must not worry you regarding unwanted fat gain. Universal use only the finest ingredients, such as Tri-Creatine Malate, Carnosine, L-arginine, high-dose vitamin B-12, Evodiamine, taurine, a potent antioxidant blend and many other Power substances. You will find no other product like Shock Therapy ™, and it is absolutely unique among other pre-workout energizers and cell Volumizing products.
It has healthier ingredients:
Since Shock Therapy ™ your body have more nitric oxide (NO support) to produce muscles. You need an Antioxidant Complex to neutralize harmful free radicals that are produced by the nitric oxide production. 
Shock Therapy ™ uses R-ALA to the creatine and nitric oxide stimulating components to inject into the muscles. Shock Therapy ™ does not use aspartame.
Shock Therapy ™ & The Mind Game
The majority of success in bodybuilding is mental strength. What about the physical effort, genetic predisposition, the hard-earned muscle? Yes, these things are important factors that are important for success in the studio. But to achieve without the mental component, without the precise focus and the ability of the intensity to increase your physical physique to the next level, you will achieve nothing. This is the plight of all bodybuilders. The more moderate and more advanced you are, the harder it is to continue to come day in and day out.
Over the years you have tested every new supplement that came on the market. Energy products, cell Volumizer - everything what you could get my hands on to further sights on your goal to build mass and extreme hardness. And every time you were not really satisfied with the result. You were tireless on the lookout for something to be able to light the fire again. Something that you could get through the tough days where nothing really went. Looking for a product that you in the studio can be bursting with energy, something you can look forward to your workout. You want a significant increase in strength, better pumps - You want to reap the fruits of your hard training.
Now there's Shock Therapy ™. Mental focus, training intensity and incredible pumps. In a single product, Shock Therapy ™ covers all your training needs, inside and outside the studio. Your trips to the gym will not be the same. The research and development team at Universal Nutrition has eliminated all barriers to product development. A brand new product, only the most effective to use complementary latest drugs, but it developed to be able to utilize your maximum training potential.
NO Super Pump Complex
First, the NO Super Pump Complex, a resistant blend of Arginine AKG, Citrulline Malate and Carnosine. This mixture was developed by the Nitric Oxide (NO) release maximize. Nitric oxide is a gas that is produced in the body and is needed for communication between cells. It is a generally accepted fact that nitric oxide increases blood flow. This makes it extremely important for athletes, as increased blood flow provides a better nutrient supply of the muscle. This in turn leads to greater mass building when the effect occurs during training.
During intensive training sessions one of the key, limiting factors in relation to your muscular power and endurance of oxygen. And the availability of oxygen-rich nutrients. to inject the NO Super Pump Complex supports the body while pure oxygen and energy-releasing nutrients into the muscle cells. All super fast allowing the muscles to a higher load intensity. The NO Super Pump Complex gives you incredible muscular pumps and greatly increases the vascularity - a hard  and definated appearance.
Muscle Volumizing Complex
While the NO Super Pump Complex serves to maximize nitric oxide production, ensures the Muscle Volumizing Complex, with its mixture of malate and Tricreatine glycocyamine for the enlargement of muscle cells. The Muscle Volumizing Complex does this by allowing the muscle cell will allow more water to store, which increases muscle cell volume.
Confusing, now I got to the extracellular water, this is a term for a water retention under the skin. Shock Therapy ™ focuses on intracellular water retention, it draws water into muscle cells like a magnet. For a weightlifter or bodybuilder this is extremely important because expanded muscle cells can boost hydration. This leads to a higher protein synthesis rate and increases the muscle mass education.
Energy & Nootropic Complex
Next is the Energy and Nootropic Complex. This proprietary complex consists of special energy-supplying components such as methylxanthines and Evodiamine. This extremely effective components provide tremendous energy for insane workouts. The fast-available substances for maximum energy and a huge power output for the duration of your workout.
Antioxidant Complex
Unlike any other pre-workout NO product on the market, Universal Nutrition, the first provider that has added vital antioxidants. Nitric oxide is an essential molecule in the body. But a side effect of nitric oxide supplementation is potentially possible production of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can damage your cells. But there is a way to combat these free radicals and to use so the benefits of nitrogen oxides without any possible side effects.
The Antioxidant Complex in Shock Therapy ™ is a blend of selected ingredients such as green tea extract, R-ALA, NAC and grapeseed extract. This powerful combination is designed to neutralize dangerous free radicals, which are a by-product of nitric oxide metabolism. In short, the Antioxidant Complex allows you to take advantage of increased nitric oxide levels for your muscle mass building and strength gains, without limiting the growth opportunities or even endangering your health. This is the "therapy" component of the Shock Therapy ™ you will not find anywhere else.
Electrolyte & pH transmission system
Shock Therapy ™ has everything you need for your studio to pull apart, but the most amazing ingredients in the world are worth nothing if not a perfect system exists to funnel them into the muscles. The electrolyte pH and transmission system is key for enhanced absorption and maximum nutrient absorption.
This drug combination ensures that the muscle-building substances of Shock Therapy ™ complex to enter the muscles. The muscle building substances are transported, however, not only in the muscles, the inclusion in each individual muscle cell is improved. This innovative system can surely increase your Pump dramatically, supply the body with energy for high intensity workouts, reduce lactic acid build up, replenish electrolytes used to increase stamina and energy and supply the muscle with nutrients for an extreme muscle gain. Everything a bodybuilder or strength athletes in other disciplines can only hope.
Shock Therapy ™ from Universal Nutrition. The complete product of the way as you train can change completely. be equipped with energy suppliers, muscle building agents, antioxidants and nootropic "brain boosters", Shock Therapy ™ can be your greatest ally in the fight against training monotony and overcoming plateaus. Test Universal's brand new product now!
Optimal pre-workout product
  • Explosive Energy
  • Brain Booster
  • Unique transport
  • Advanced Tricreatine malate
  • Increases Focus
  • Antioxidants
  • with R-ALA
  • No sugar

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Product rating: 4

Title: Bewertung
Geschmacklich ganz oke (Hawaii Pump)
Am besten vor dem Training verwenden als (Vorbooster).

Product rating: 3

Title: Fürchterlicher Geschmack mit mässiger Wirkung
Hatte diese Produkt 2 oder 3x in Gebrauch. Das wars... Ungeniessbar. Die Wirkung ist durchnittlich. Als Booster für Einsteiger geeignet welche nicht geschmacksempfindlich sind.

Product rating: 4

Title: Stunning
Nach einer no-explode Kur, war ich nun auf ein neues Produkt gespannt welches ähnliche Wirkungen erzielt, also ein pre-training suplement darstellt und mir einen super pump für's training gibt. Bin soweit zufrieden mit shock therapy. macht mich zwar nicht mehr agressiv auf das training, aber gibt mir durchaus den pump während dem training. weiter so.

Product rating: 1

Title: sorry absoluter Müll
Kein Energieschub, nichts. Schmeckt übelst hässlich.

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