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Pure Piracetam 250 g by Revange (Core Labs)

Pure Piracetam 250 g

Brand Revange (Core Labs)

Content 250 g

54.90 Fr.

Revange Piracetam is a product containing piracetam, which is ranked among nootropic compounds (procognitive), i.e. improving cognitive functions and boosting mental performance.

Nootropic drugs is a group of substances which are intended for stimulating the metabolism of the central nervous system (CNS), thus consequently leading to the activation of mental processes such as the level of consciousness, perception and the phenomena of memory.

Piracetam – a derivative of 2-pyrrolidone with the structure similar to GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid); an inhibitory neurotransmitter; a nootropic drug with a very good bioavailability in the oral form (100%) and the 4-8 hours of half-life. That’s why it should be used in divided doses, e.g. three times a day. It is called the father of all racetams.

The mechanism of action in the organism

The mechanism of action of piracetam has not been fully clarified yet. It is claimed to facilitate the synthesis of energy-rich compounds in the nervous tissue and to increase energy supplies by the improvement of glucose and oxygen use in neurons of the central nervous system, as well as by the increase in tolerance of a nervous cell to a reduced amount of oxygen. Moreover, by preventing the aggregation (clumping) of blood cells, it decreases blood viscosity and improves the circulation in brain blood vessels.

There are also reports about the effect of piracetam on improving the production of neurotransmitters as well as about stimulating its release from nerve endings. It presumably relates to the increase in the level of dopamine, GABA and nonadrenaline and to the improvement of neurotransmitting in central neural pathways of these neurotransmitters. It is especially observed in the state of decreased activity in these areas.

Another scientists’ theory regarding the mechanism of piracetam effect is about its selective action on specific receptors for glutamate (excitatory neurotransmitter and GABA precursors) AMPA – GluR2 and GluR3, which are essential to the formation of memories and the assimilation of knowledge.

The effect of piracetam results in the improvement of psycho-physical fitness, concentration and processing information stored in the long-term memory. Additionally, it is used among people suffering from sickle cell anaemia because it prevents the clumping of erythrocytes and has a benefical impact on the elasticity of cell mebrane.

Therapeutic use
Piracetam has been used as a drug for many years with a positive result in various disease processes and mental disorders. It prevents memory impairment, learning difficulties, disorders of the process of association and recall and problems with the adaptation to new surroundings and social adaptation.

It is applied in the treatment of cognitive processing disorders in dementia, abnormal involuntary movements (myoclonus) in the cortex, dizziness, dyslexic disorders (particular reading and writing difficulties) and in the therapy for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Take 1-2 servings up to 3-4x per day on an empty stomach.

Piracetam does not cause physical dependence. It may increase physical capacity and sexual desire. It should not be taken in the evening because it can cause sleeping disorders.

Supplement Facts

Revange Pure Piracetam - Supplement Facts

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