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Vegan Protein 500 g

Vegan Protein 500 g

from Powerstar
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Vegan Protein by Powerstar - pure plant-based protein power!

Vegan Protein by Powerstar - pure plant-based protein power!

Vegan Protein by Powerstar Food is a unique, pure plant-based multi-component protein from six different protein sources.

Our vegan protein powder is the only one we know of with up to 81% protein, and all without soy! VEGAN PROTEIN also contains an additional Greens Blend of 10 different superfoods and has only 0.1g of sugar per serving!

In choosing the six included protein sources, our experts not only made sure that they have a particularly high bioavailability, but also that they complement each other perfectly. So our vegan protein powder contains anabolic as well as anti-catabolic protein sources. It therefore contains protein fractions that can be absorbed and processed by the body particularly quickly, as well as those that are absorbed over several hours. This allows for a wide range of uses. VEGAN PROTEIN can therefore be used immediately after training, but also before going to bed, during diet and muscle-building phases or to cover the daily protein requirement on training-free days.

Greens Blend

The 10 superfoods in our Greens Blend enhance the valuable protein even further. It includes barley grass, wheatgrass (gluten-free), spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, kale leaves, spinach, alfalfa, matcha green tea, and Peruvian maca root.

Not only the quality should stand out with this product, but also the taste! Many plant-based protein powders on the market are often described as inedible, which is why it was just as important for us to develop a vegan protein powder that is creamy on the one hand and offers a comparatively pleasant taste on the other.

Our plant-based protein powder is sweetened with stevia (steviol glycosides), which is extracted from the leaves of the South American stevia plant. It gives VEGAN PROTEIN a pleasant sweetness and is practically calorie-free.

The "Natural" flavor is completely free of flavors and sweeteners!

To ensure a sufficient intake of B12 in a vegan diet, each serving contains 7.5 µg of vitamin B12.

VEGAN PROTEIN can be drunk with water, but also with all milk alternatives or mixed into smoothies and/or dishes.

Powerstar's Vegan Protein, product highlights:

  • multi-component vegan protein
  • with 6 whole protein sources
  • protein content of up to 81%
  • only 0.1g of sugar per serving
  • Greens Blend of 10 superfoods
  • with long and short chain protein sources
  • very high bioavailability
  • creamy & pleasant taste
  • sweetened with South American Stevia
  • "Nature" without sweeteners & flavors
  • no artificial colors or flavors
  • 7.5 µg Vitamin B12 per serving
  • Made in Germany according to IFS, HACCP, GMP & DIN ISO standards

Supplement Facts

Nature Geschmack:

Vegan Protein 500 g - Powerstar Food

Zutaten: Erbsenproteinisolat, Fababohnen Protein, Brauner Reis Proteinisolat, Wassermelonenkernen Protein, Kichererbsen Protein, Kürbiskernprotein, Guarkernmehl, Green Blend (Gerstengras Pulver, Weizengras Pulver, Spirulina Pulver, Chlorella Pulver, Brokkoli Pulver, Grünkohlblatt Pulver, Spinatblatt Pulver, Alfalfa Pulver, Matcha Grüntee Pulver, Peruanisches Macawurzel Pulver), Vitamin B12 (Adenosylcobalamin).

Stir in 20 g (2 tablespoons = 20 g) into water, plant-based drink, vegan natural yogurt, or vegan dishes
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