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Melatonin Sleep Patches 30 Patches

Melatonin Sleep Patches 30 Patches

67% of 100

Experience peaceful nights and naturally better sleep with our melatonin sleep patches


Imagine if you could fall asleep quickly and uninterrupted every night...

That's exactly the feeling you'll experience when you try our melatonin sleep patches! Our special patches allow for a gradual absorption of the ingredients by your body instead of releasing everything at once. This enables you to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Since we spend more than 33% of our lifetime asleep, it's important to make the most of that time and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and not completely exhausted because your body didn't get sufficient rest.

Sleep better naturally

In formulating our patches, we made sure to use only natural ingredients. Our goal is to support the body. The effectiveness is based on our three main components: melatonin, lavender, and valerian.

How do the patches work?

We use transdermal patches that deliver the active ingredients through the skin. One of the biggest advantages is that the ingredients are gradually absorbed by the body.

Supplement Facts

Inhaltsstoffe pro Pflaster:



Apply the patch 20-30 minutes before bedtime

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