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Slim Sweets appetite control 30 Chews by FitnFemale

Slim Sweets appetite control 30 Chews

Brand FitnFemale

Content 30 Chewy Sweets

28.90 Fr.

Fitnfemale Slim Sweets - chewing candies with glucomannan for the reduction of appetite & prevention of food cravings.

The fiber of the glucomannan provides a lasting feeling of fullness. The delicious strawberry flavor of the chewy sweets completes the product.

Fitnfemale Slim Sweets, product highlights:

  • Glucomannan is a real secret weapon against food cravings
  • Glucomannan is the ideal satiety
  • For a longer-lasting satiety
  • Contributes to the stabilization of blood sugar
  • Positive influence on blood lipid levels
  • Glucomannan supports weight loss
  • Effectiveness confirmed by EU Regulation 432/2012
  • Delicious strawberry flavor

What is glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a substance derived from the konjac root, also known as the devil's tongue. From a chemical point of view, glucomannan is a starch-like substance composed of complex carbohydrate chains.

A special feature of glucomannan is the extremely high water binding capacity, because after all, the fiber can bind in relation to its own weight fifty times the amount of water. Since 2010, Glucomannan has been officially promoted with a weight-reducing effect in accordance with EFSA's Health Claims Regulation.

Glucomannan as ideal satiety

The enormous water-binding capacity of the fiber causes glucomannan to swell after being taken in the gastrointestinal tract. The substance absorbs the water and becomes a gel-like mass, which can easily reach ten times the volume. By increasing the volume and the consistency of the mass, the feeling of satiety is much faster, so you eat much less. In addition, the satiety also lasts longer.

Food cravings are passé

However, glucomannan works not only physically, but also on the biochemical level. As scientists from Mahidol University in Thailand have found out, glucomannan influences the secretion of the hormone ghrelin. And it is precisely this hormone that plays a crucial role in the saturation mechanism. Here, the lower the ghrelin level, the lower the appetite. Since taking glucomannan causes the level of ghrelin in the blood to drop, glucomannan is a real secret weapon against food cravings.

Positive influence on blood lipid levels

But that's not all, because the fiber in the gastrointestinal tract can bind not only water but also fat. Like a sponge, fiber absorbs and binds some of the dietary fats. Thus, these can not be absorbed through the intestinal mucosa, so that the body does not use the fats energetically, but excreted unused on the stool. Due to the reduced calorie intake, Glucomannan additionally supports weight loss.

Glucomannan contributes to the stabilization of blood sugar

The fiber of glucomannan not only provide a lasting feeling of fullness, but also for a stable blood sugar. The secret of konjac flour is that because of the complex carbohydrate chains, the sugar in our diet is absorbed only slowly into the bloodstream. Thus, ingestion not only prevents the development of insulin resistance, but also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes via this mechanism.

For weight loss: take one soft chew 30 minutes before each meal, 3 times daily, followed by a large glas of water (250 ml).

Supplement Facts

Slim Sweets von Fitnfemale - Supplement Facts

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