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Pink Burn 240 g

Pink Burn 240 g

from FitnFemale
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Pink Burn by FitnFemale is an effective fat burner + pre-workout booster for your workout at the same time! #FatCryingFormula

Pink Burn by FitnFemale is an effective fat burner + pre-workout booster for your workout at the same time! #FatCryingFormula

Pink Burn by FitnFemale, product highlights:

  • Combination product of fat burner and pre-workout booster
  • Ultra-Fast-Acting: Already 15 minutes after the intake noticeable!
  • Improves fat burning & intensifies your workout - Pink Burn is the optimal pre-workout products.
  • 200mg of caffeine per serving (1 Redbull has 80mg of caffeine per can)
  • Ensures a healthy, balanced electrolyte balance
  • Attention: very strong! Beginners start better with half the portion (1 scoop)
  • Content per can: 240g = 20 to 40 servings (depending on dosage)

Improvement of fat burning

Ingredients such as raspberry ketones and bitter orange extract accelerate metabolism up to three times and boost fat burning. With high likelihood, the hormone adiponectin is also positively influenced by the intake, which regulates the body fat percentage in the body.

Intensifies your training

Ingredients like beta-alanine, L-arginine, caffeine and L-tyrosine give you the energy and focus to complete your high-level training. This in turn has an additional positive effect on calorie consumption and muscle growth.

Pink Burn makes it tingle in you!

This is a desired effect, which results from the contained amino acid beta alanine. The increased heat of the skin causes a slight tingling / itching, which is a sign that the product delivers its desired effect. This helps you to produce up to 63% more carnosine in your body, which has a very positive effect on endurance during competitive sports.

Supplement Facts

Pink Burn 240 g von FitnFemale - Supplement Facts

Dissolve one serving (12g = 2 scoops) in 200 ml of water. Apply 15 min before training
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