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Omega-3 90 Capsules (Softgels) by FitnFemale

Omega-3 90 Capsules (Softgels)

Brand FitnFemale

Content 90 Softgels

16.50 Fr.


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Fitnessfood always strives to offer its customers the most comprehensive and high-quality product range at the best price. For this reason, Fitnessfood has launched a best-price guarantee program.

This program requires an agreement between Fitnessfood and the customer. The best price guarantee is applied when certain conditions have been met before, for which the customer certainly understands.

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The voucher is valid for 7 days after issuing, is limited to a single application, and can only be applied from the account that corresponds to the e-mail address in the best price guarantee form.



The Omega-3 from FitnFemale contains high-quality fatty acids (fish oil) and supplies your body optimally.

Omega-3 fats as well as various amino acids are classified as essential. In addition to hormone synthesis, the regulation of growth, the healing of wounds, the memory, and the strengthening of the immune system are also part of the task of these special fats.

An omega-3 softgel capsule contains 1000 mg pure high-quality fish oil.

Omega-3 by FitnFemale, product highlights

  • Highly dosed, take 1-2 capsules daily
  • Optimized composition of EPA, DHA and DP
  • Helpful for concentration and focusing in stress

Omega-3 fatty acids have additional benefits for women

Nutritional and medical studies by the US National Academy of Sciences and the American Heart Association also highlighted the fact, that consumption of these polyunsaturated fatty acids has various health benefits, especially for women. Starting with the reduction of blood fat values and the reduction of the risk for sudden cardiac death due to coronary heart disease, the spectrum extends to a prevention of bone loss. Another interesting aspect is the improvement in the fat and carbohydrate metabolism, which also leads to positive effects on diabetes prevention. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, an influence of the mood is also important, since these fats are playing a decisive role in the synthesis of mood-enhancing hormones.

Take 2 capsules (softgels) Omega-3 daily.

Supplement Facts

 Omega-3 von FitnFemale - Supplement Facts

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