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Body Pro 124 1000 g

Body Pro 124 1000 g

from Powerstar
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THE COMPETITION WITH PROTEIN-CONCEPT According to the Synergy NUTRIENTS-CONCEPT BODY PRO 124 are combined in the two best race = egg protein and soybean protein.

Nahrungsergänzung für intensive Muskelanstrengungen,
vor allem für Sportler

The Protein-Competition with concept
According to the Synergy NUTRIENTS-CONCEPT BODY PRO 124 are combined in the two best race = egg protein and soybean protein.

Protein Quality
BODY PRO 124 is an absolute high-performance product made from pure egg albumin, enhanced with amino acids from the soybean plant. The addition of free insu soy protein is not only the egg albumin by nearly 25% more valuable, but also easier to digest and easier to solve. With a biological value (BV) of 124 and a PER 3.9 BODY PRO 124 is one of the best proteins in general. Weeks before a competition its very good because it has far less than 1% carbohydrate and fat in a serving. Muscles are now out of protein and not from fat. BODY PRO 124 is free of lactose - it saves no water under the skin. Due to the thinner skin, you are better defined and the muscle hardness is more visible. To exclude insulin fluctuations during a diet, which in turn affects the fat burning, was conscious decision not to sweet and aromatic substances.

The biological availability
The so-called bioavailability (the efficiency of your body) is specifically accelerated by some of POWERSTAR® designed synergy groups. Then by the addition of T-MAX ® and InsulAct ® it is best possible to guarante most rapid transport of high quality building materials in the body cells. The B-complex Plus ensures better assimilation of amino acids.
The new BODY PRO 124 is also first developed by POWERSTAR® and patent-pending Super-Nutrient Optimizer Aktimun ® is used. Aktimun ® lays the cornerstone for enhancing the bioavailability of the materials contained in BODY PRO 124. Aktimun ® is exactly at the base of the digestive system by revitalizing the positive flora as a basis for optimal digestion and absorption.
To make BODY PRO to 124 taste better, you can combine it well with our "MULTI PLANT PRO", also in the competition phase.

Consumation: Pure egg protein tastes very bitter and is hard to consume. BODY PRO 124 has by its protein combination significantly a more pleasant taste and is also entirely without sweeteners and flavorings. For mixing with a spoon it is not suitable - please use the mixer. Mix as needed 1-4 times daily 30g (1 level scoop = 11g) with 200 ml of water or sugar-free fruit juice.

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