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Fitnessfood - About Us

Fitnessfood®, the leading provider of sports nutrition since 1999

FitnessfoodWe are also one of the largest online retailers in the Swiss market and supply hundreds of customers every day. 

We are the market leader in Central Europe. Our market share is also considerable in other European countries. Our business model is efficient: We buy our products in large quantities directly from the manufacturer and deliver them directly to the end-user. No middleman.

We also have our own brand, which combines the best quality with the cheapest prices. That is why we are able to use the best and most expensive raw materials. Raw materials, which are far too expensive, even unaffordable, for products from other manufacturers due to the high prices. Without intermediary trade, our customers benefit from the lower prices and receive quality products.

We do not maintain physical stores. This enables us to pass on the saving of fixed costs directly to our customers.

Additional benefits when you shop at Fitnessfood®


We are buying directly from the manufacturer’s own country
This guarantees that all our products are original and meet the highest quality standards. When purchasing at, there is no risk of receiving products that are modified or manipulated by distributors. Authenticity and product quality are the most important criteria.

Records of all Product batches

We strictly keep records of all the information about the products that we sell. Therefore, we are able to identify the batch number of the product that was being sent to the customer. This allows us to act as quickly as possible if any problems regarding the product by the manufacturer arise.

Constant product monitoring

A security system guarantees the safety of our stored products. This prevents, as well as reveals possible invasions in our warehouse and makes improper handling of our products impossible.


Online-retail and legal online-retail are two different things. There are hundreds of online shops, even in Switzerland who sell some of the products that Fitnessfood® has to offer. A significant number of unprofessional and privately managed online shops operate illegally, unreported and are not object of quality checks through food safety authorities.
Fitnessfood® operates 100% legally, manages warehouses approved by authorities and is a company with a registered head office. We are the only authorized distributor of different brands.


  • 24-hour shipping via post in Switzerland
  • Free shipping with Postpac Economy (B-Post)

Since we expect great care for the transportation of our products, our Fitnessfood® warranty is valid until it arrives at your front door.

Distribution center

With an area bigger than 4.000 m², our distribution center ensures that all available products offered in the online shop can be ordered and are ready for shipping. We do not send substitute products or flavors due to product unavailability.
Fitnessfood® ensures that the customer receives the product that they ordered.

Product storage and quality

Our inventory will be sold and renewed completely every 4 months. That way our customer always receives products that are in good condition.

Products with extended expiration date

Quality is the most important thing. The customer is always the one that decides when he/she uses a product. All products can be stored for a long period of time without losing its quality.
Information about the expiration date is available in the product description.

Besides nutritional information about the product, Fitnessfood® also publishes upgraded information about the expiration date of the offered product.


Our products are stored in a warehouse that is higher than 10 meters and therefore reaches a constant temperature that is beneficial for product storage.

Packaging of your order

Our orders are shipped in solid packages supported by our air cushion system that protects the product under severe conditions.
In addition, orders containing fragile products are handled with caution and further securely packaged.
This way you are receiving your products in perfect condition.

Fitnessfood® - $ - Payback

You automatically benefit by purchasing over Fitnessfood® with our customer loyalty system.
You automatically earn a number FFI-$ with a purchase over Fr. 100.00 (except for special offers).

You will find the amount of FFI-$ per purchase here:

  • 100-166 Fr. – 2 $
  • 167-233 Fr. – 3 $
  • 234-299 Fr. – 4 $
  • 300-366 Fr. – 5 $
  • 367-433 Fr. – 6 $
  • 434-499 Fr. – 7 $
  • 500-566 Fr. – 8 $
  • 567-633 Fr. – 9 $
  • 634-699 Fr. – 10 $
  • 700-766 Fr. – 11 $
  • 767-833 Fr. – 12 $
  • 834-999 Fr. – 13 $

Once your account balance reaches 20 FFI-$, you can use them directly 1:1 in Swiss franc for your next order.
Please be aware that Fr. 9.00 in shipping fees will be added if your order is below Fr. 40.00.

You can see your account balance any time at “my account”. Sign in easily with your email and password.

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